Government has pronounced Dhaka Mohanagar Imarat Nirman Bidhimala vide memo no. …….
As per article 31 of the said Bidhimala, as per request of RAJUK is required to select engineers professionally qualified enough for design, supervision, reporting etc. For doing the job RAJUK has been pleased to assign the job of getting professionally qualified engineers, to the IEB. Accordingly IEB has given the work to BPERB vide memo no. HQ/IEB/G/2007/168 dated 10-04- 2007.
The functional requirement:

  • BPERB will prepare a list of qualified engineers and will send it to RAJUK through IEB.
  • BPERB will select a group of expert engineers of the respective field as Assessor.
  • The concern fields will be:
    • Land survey
    • Geo technical
    • Structural design
    • Plumbing and sanitation
    • Civil engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Mechanical engineering
  • The intending engineers will go through an orientation course for the duration of 3-5 days if necessary in the engineering staff college.
  • Engineers registered for design etc. for RAJUK will have to appear at PEng examination within one year or after having a total of seven years experience in engineering field.
  • The interview will be based on art.31 of DMINB.
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