1.   If you are a PEng you are entitle to the following benefits:

A)   Your social status among the engineering community will increase.


B)    When BPERB becomes a full member of IPEA, a PEng is entitle to mobilize among the IPEA member countries.


C)   A PEng now working in some countries outside Bangladesh has already started getting benefits like higher pay, higher responsibility etc.


D) BPERB is preparing a case for approval by the Government, for some benefits to be given by the employer.


Qualifying to become to a Professional Engineer can benefit you as an individual or as a business owner. As an individual, your benefits include:

1.      International recognition.

2.      Peer recognition of qualification, experience and competence.

3.      Better prospects of employment.

4.      Increased remuneration.

5.      Recognition amongst professions

6.      Public recognition of competence.

As a business owner, you will employ:

1.      Competent engineers that can improve the branding of your company

2.      Competent engineers that can perform accurate designs that will save time and money

during the tender and design phase of a project.

3.      Engineers that are able to apply engineering judgement to ensure the success of a project.

4.      Engineers that will protect the health and safety of society.

These benefits will ultimately lead to growth of the business as more complex projects, better branding and professional exposure will be

Registration as a professional engineer with Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh will be

a statutory requirement if you:

  • Perform consulting engineering work
  • Take responsibility for the performance of engineering work
  • Perform functions as laid down in certain statutes (e.g. the National building Regulations)
  • Wish to become a full member of some recognised institutes.



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