Continuing  Professional  Development  (CPD)



Requirement for Registered Professional Engineer (PEng)


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the systematic procedure for improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills, and the development of personal attributes necessary for the discharge of professional and technical duties throughout the engineer’s working life. CPD intends to bridge the gap between education and Professional Knowledge and Understanding. It encompasses both technical and non-technical matters such as a) Professional Codes of Conduct, Responsibility for engineering design, construction, erection, installation, execution, supervision and quality control, Responsibility for safety, health and risk management, Responsibility for the environment & sustainable development and Social Responsibility, Risk Management, Engineering Problem Solving and Technical Issues etc.; b) communication skills, Ability to solve engineering problems, leading teams, mentoring and developing staff to meet changing technical and managerial issues etc.

 CPD may be achieved by attending, imparting, presenting or undertaking programs actively in Table below. The quality of the program has to be equivalent to that in the core competence of IPEA.

CPD Activities and Weight Factor 

Sl No

CPD activities Unit/period of activities Weight factor


Convention/Conference/Seminar/ Symposium/Meeting on Technical issues

Each Hour in Audience/Attending

0.5 hour CPD
Each Hour in Imparting/Presenting

1 hour CPD


Training/ Workshop/ Short course

Each Hour Attending 1 hour CPD
Each Hour Imparting/Presenting

2 hours CPD


Preparation and Presentation of Technical Lecture Each paper

3 hours CPD

(equally divided among authors)


Publications in Technical conference proceedings Each paper

2 days CPD

(equally divided among authors)


Publication in recognized technical journals or publishing technical books Each paper/book

3 days CPD

(equally divided among authors)


Post Graduate courses/Tertiary courses

Each credit hour

(i.e. 12-14/hours a semester)

2 days CPD

At the time of seeking the Professional Engineer status, an Engineer should have evidence of 30 (thirty) hours of CPD during the previous twelve (12) months. The assessors expect the applicant is actively involved in CPD. After getting registration as Professional Engineer, s/he must maintain 30 hours of CPD each year. After getting IPEA full membership, CPD requirement will be 50 hours for a year for International PEng as per IPEA requirement.

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