Bangladesh Professional Engineers Registration Board

Institution of Engineers Pakistan was established in 1948 in Dhaka and was registered with the Registrar of joint stock companies under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. After the independence of Bangladesh, the institution was renamed as Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB) on 12th March 1972.

The Aims and Objectives:

  1. To build better world
  2. To promote and advance the science practice and business of engineering.
  3. To promote efficiency in the engineering practice and profession
  4. To regulate the professional activities, assist in maintaining high standards in the general conduct of its members.
  5. To lay down professional code of ethics and make it mandatory for its members
  6. To help in the acquisition and interchange of technical knowledge among the members
  7. To promote the professional interest and social welfare of its members
  8. To encourage original research in engineering and conservation and economic utilization of the country’s resources

In order to regulate the engineering profession and matters related therewith as well as the development of the profession of engineers IEB formed Bangladesh Professional Engineers Registration Board (BPERB) in 1999 by amendment of the constitution of IEB. The Bye-Laws were formed by IEB in 2001 for functioning BPERB and BPERB has started functioning since then.

The introduction of WTO-sponsored General Assembly Agreement on Trade and Services (GATA) treaty made it necessary for the free movement of professional engineering services between nations.  Thus, with a view to providing competencies of international standard to the professional engineers, IEA formed IPEA to look after engineering profession. As a party to this organization, BPERB became a provisional member of EMF (Engineers Mobility Forum) in 2003. The EMF has been renamed as IPEA (International Professional Engineers Agreement) in 2009.

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